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The Abacus Urban

The limitations on the currently produced Electric Vehicles were fundamental in the design of the Abacus Urban™. The limitations on the average speed, the range and the charging time is the stumbling block to the future of Electric Vehicles being the mainstream of car market.

So the remit was simple build a better, more efficient vehicle. The Graphene based Motor and Charging System is the drive behind this ground breaking Electric Vehicle - The Abacus Urban™.

No other production Electric Vehicle will come close to our in-house designed and developed Abacus Urban™.



The Abacus Urban™

Power: 5000w - 15000w
Drive: 2WD
Top Speed: 80mph - 110mph (restricted)
Range: 125miles to 325miles
Charge Time: 3hr - 6hr (30mins - 2.5 hr)

All media and the launch date to be announced 3rd Quarter 2016.


The Abacus E Cycle™

 The inspiration for the design of our new and exciting Abacus E Cycle™ came  from our CEO, to bring a simple lightweight cycle using Graphene as the base product for the wheels, frame, Battery and motor system, another arm of the Abacus Orange Group™.

 Along with a sophisticated adaptable design, we are able to offer many options with the  Abacus E CycleaonPlay™ from the racing cycle you see below to an all-electric cycle using our Graphene Based power and charging systems.

 Abacus Orange Group™ are pleased to announce we are ready to move from the drawing board to proto type build and then on to production in the United Kingdom ready for Global Export utilising 3D printing Technology.

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