AOG_edwellE Dwell™ is our state of the art Energy Dwellings, here we simply build the most energy efficient buildings possible combining all of our technologies to ensure our clients receive the most up to date technology, solar, hydro, LED lighting, wind, bio mass, underground heat source, energy management modules, rain water harvesting, for of grid availability, making your E Dwell™ in to an instant revenue stream ensuring maximum savings along with potential profit, your E Dwell™ property can be added as a revenue stream towards any residential or commercial mortgage as income.

All of our buildings, residential or commercial will have included a mode of transport that will suit the clients needs, of course powered by electric and or fuel cell technologies. Here our extensive market research has told us that 95% of our clients would want to take advantage of our electric car range.

If you would like to request some pre launch information or are interested in becoming a partner or supplier please send a request via our contact page thank you.

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