AOG_investAbacusOrangeGroup™ Investor Centre

Our executive team has access to London City and Wall Street, having a proven track record of providing Equity Investments, IPO's along with sourcing new and exciting investment opportunities such as GRAPHENE, we are wholesalers of GRAPHENE with direct access to the mining industry, already, Global blue chips such as, Apple, IBM, Nokia, Ford are investing and buying GRAPHENE, we have experienced investors and brokers utilising Escrow, here we offer our clients the opportunity to invest  in various opportunities such as GRAPHENE and technology transfer particularly in the Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Industry, GRAPHENE is a world class material with thousands of varying applications and any early investors could see upwards (according to trends at the moment) of 40% within12 to 18 months for short term or even more for medium to long term.

Within the Investor Centre we also so offer project investments, start up or seed capital for new and small businesses, for more information on how we can help your business through collaboration, partner program or inward direct investment, please send a brief yet informative e mail via our contact page.